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When are the classes?


Group Bookings:
We can arrange group classes for up to 6 babies and mums/dads. Call or email us with details of your group and what day and time you would like (although can't do Fridays!)

Course cost: £55.  
Consists of a 1 hour class (approx.) each week for 4 weeks with a maximum number of 6 participants and their babies.

Includes: Booklets, massage oil, tea and biscuits!

​The courses will be led by Victoria Diamond, a registered osteopath and trained baby massage instructor.


Baby massage is a perfect way to develop that first form of communication with your baby through the sense of positive and loving touch.

In a world full of rushing from one thing to the next, making time for baby massage creates a special time between parent and baby filled with something enjoyable that has many benefits for both of you.  

Learn how to do baby massage and see these benefits for your baby:

  • Development of coordination between mind and body and body awareness.
  • Alleviation of the symptoms of colic, trapped wind, constipation and reflux
  • Regulation of digestive, respiratory, circulatory and neurological  systems.
  • Promotion of relaxation that assists with improved sleep quality.
  • Increased feeling of attachment and security; particularly important if your baby is being looked after during the day when you are at work.
  • Release of 'happy' hormones stimulated through touch.
  • Assists in developing strength and tone in baby's muscles.

​And the benefits are not just limited to your baby; there are many for you too:

  • Gives you the time to help you understand your baby's non verbal communication and cues. Perfect way to connect with your baby.
  • Stimulates the release of oxytocin that gives you the sense of happiness and love (how great is that?) and so can be beneficial in trying to combat the symptoms of post natal depression and also stimulates the release of prolactin to assist with milk flow.
  • Allows parents to develop a confidence in handling their baby.
  • The group setting of this class means than new parents are able to meet other new parents, share information and talk about other baby concerns with each other in a non judgmental environment.
  • Generally, this is a relaxing, stress reducing way to spend dedicated time with your baby.