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Cancellations - We need at least 24 hours notice of a cancellation. Cancellations made within 24 hours are charged £25.

Other Therapies available at Union Therapies

Sports Physiotherapy

A Sports physiotherapist will assess and diagnose the cause of your pain, find the fastest way to alleviate it and help to prevent recurrences. 

They have an in-depth knowledge of the most up to-date research concerning the best management of musculoskeletal conditions, specialist knowledge of sporting performance and  an insatiable desire to help people. 

We utilise a combination of soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation and manipulations, taping, video / bio-mechanical analysis and exercise prescription to treat sports injuries, strains and sprains, back and neck pain, work related injuries, joint pain or arthritis and manage post surgical rehabilitation in close collaboration with patient’s consultants.

We wil help our patients get to the root of their problem and ensure that they understand what is causing their symptoms in plain, simple english. So whether you are suffering from some back pain, have been bothered by a niggling injury, want some advice on how to optimise your training or best manage age related joint pain then sports physiotherapy is for you.

Initial 1 hour consultation                             £75 

Follow up 30min treatment                           £60

Bespoke Runners assessment                       £75

​Sports Physiotherapist: Thomas Corbett  Book your first consultation:

Osteopathy and Sports Physiotherapy at Union Therapies

Holistic Massage

Daily life can impact the body in negative ways, creating not only stress and tension but also negative emotions. Holistic massage aims to combat this by treating the individual as a whole - not just physically. The first session begins with a brief history and discussion, the treatment is then performed on a couch, using light oils. Subsequent sessions begin with a short discussion and the treatment is tailored to the client's needs.
Physical benefits include relaxation of tight muscles and improvement of skin and muscle tone. Emotional benefits include increased mental clarity and release of endorphins (the body's "feel good" chemicals'.

1 hour treatment                 £60

45 minute treatment            £45

Therapist: Ngozi (please call her to arrange an appointment on 07941 178990)

Indian Head Massage

​Indian Head Massage involves a variety of different movements performed on the head, neck, shoulder, upper back and arms.  A session begins with a brief health history and discussion. The client remains seated during the treatment which can be applied over clothing or directly onto the skin. The treatment releases tension held in muscles and is both stimulating and detoxifying.  Potential benefits include increased energy levels and concentration and the reduction of stress and tension - a perfect 'quick fix', with treatments only lasting 30 minutes.

30 minute treatment         £30

Therapist: Ngozi (please call Ngozi directly to arrange an appointment on 07941 178990)


​Foot reflexology is a treatment that helps the body restore its balance naturally, promoting general wellbeing. A session begins with a brief health history and discussion, followed by the treatment, during which you will lie on a couch fully clothed apart from the removal of footwear. During the treatment the therapist will work on different points on the feet, using gentle but specific pressure.  Benefits include feeling relaxed and balanced.
Please note that reflexology treatments are not advisable if you have a foot infection.

1 hour treatment               £50

30 minute treatment          £30

Therapist: Ezra (please call directly on 07734 113264) and Ngozi (please call Ngozi directly to arrange an appointment on 07941 178990)

Seated Acupressure Massage

​Using a variety of techniques including shiatsu, seated acupressure massage on your back, shoulders, neck and head will bestow a feeling of deep relaxation both mentally and physically whilst reinvigorating and energising - giving you clarity, increased levels of concentration and a sense of calm. The massage is performed fully clothed, on a special massage chair that allows you to relax completely.

30 minutes                      £30

Therapist: Ngozi

​​Pregnancy Massage​​

Gentle, soothing and relaxing massage designed to calm your body and mind, relieving sore and achy joints, reducing fluid retention and postural discomfort, aiding sleep and promoting a happy relationship with your changing body.​ Perfect gift for anyone you know who is starting to experience the energy drain and postural fatigue that pregnancy brings with it!

1 hour treatment                   £60

Therapist: Victoria

​​​Sports Massage

Using a variety of massage techniques including deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy we can alleviate the stresses and strains built up in your muscles from physical demands placed on your body through sport, work, or posture.  All our sports massages are delivered by osteopaths who have in-depth anatomy and physiology training. And remember....sports massage is not only for sports people; everyone can benefit.

1 hour treatment                    £60

45 minute treatment               £50

30 minute treatment               £40

Therapist: Victoria, Lorna and Petra


A form of ancient medicine designed to free up channels of energy movement throughout your body using acupuncture needles inserted into the skin to stimulate healing and encourage better health. Evidence shows that acupuncture can benefit many common conditions or can be used regularly for relaxation and stress relief.

Initial 1 hour consultation       £60​

Follow up 1 hour treatment     £60

Follow up 45 min treatment    £45

​​Acupuncturist: Marion (please call to book appointment - 07985 903715)




Osteopathy is a form of primary healthcare, that includes diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of problems from injuries, postural issues and other health concerns.

Osteopathy works on the basis that the health of your body relies on the fluid movement of bones, muscles, ligaments and fascial connective tissue to ensure good overall working balance.

We work with a range of massage techniques, medical acupuncture, articulation and manipulation of joints to release tension in muscles, improve mobility in joints and enhance blood, lymphatic and neurological supply to tissues.

Initial 45min/1 hour consultation                           £65 

Follow up 40/45 min treatment                             £50

Initial 1 1/2 hour consultation ME/Chronic Fatigue  £95 (Victoria only)

Sports taping 20min                                            £25

Osteopaths: Victoria, Lorna and Petra

Book your first consultation (involves a full case history, examination, diagnosis and treatment and generally last 1 hour) or follow up (quick reassessment and treatment lasting 30-45mins)