If you are wondering what to expect in your first osteopathy or massage appointment with us, then we hope to have answered those questions here:


What should I wear?

As we will want to look at how your body copes with movement and stretching we would ask that you wear shorts or comfortable underwear for the assessment.   It is not always necessary to keep you only in your underwear throughout the treatment, so if you are more comfortable, it will generally not be a problem to pop your clothes back on after the assessment. However we do have towels and blankets to keep you covered and comfortable and we will respect your privacy at all times.

If you are uncomfortable about undressing, just let us know. 

We will let you undress and dress in privacy.

What will happen?

In the first consultation, we will take a detailed case history from you which will cover your current problem, your health history, the medications you are on and any other question relevant to your medical history. All your answers will be noted and kept confidential.

We will then examine you based on the case history which involves asking you to make some simple movements and stretches so that we can see your posture and movement. We generally look at the whole body as it is quite often the case that the area that is symptomatic, the thing that led you to coming to see an osteopath, is not the area that is causing the pain, so it is important that we can see how movement in one part of your body affects movement in another part of your body.

We will then want to examine you 'passively', meaning that we will ask you to lie down on the treatment table while we examine your joints by moving them without any effort from you, and by palpating the quality of the muscles and ligaments surrounding the joint.

On occasions, we may also want to carry out an examination to ensure that there are no serious conditions present which would make osteopathy unsuitable for you.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

If you are on any medications, please bring along your prescription, or a list of names of the medications along with your daily dosage. Please also bring any X-Ray imaging, MRIs or medical reports where relevant. if you wear orthotics in your everyday shoes or your trainers / sports shoes, please also bring these along as well.

How can I pay?

You can pay by cash, credit card, cheque or by BACs transfer.

We are always happy to hear that our patients have recommended us to their friends and family, and will reward you with 20% off your next treatment with every new patient introduced to us through you.