The evening Healing Yoga class is for a maximum of 2 participants.

​These specialised classes specifically for those with health and mobility issues and are held here at Union Therapies in the small yoga studio in the container.

If you are looking for a more traditional yoga classes, Liz runs these classes in a larger studio at Setchell & Longfield Hall TRA off Dunton Road.

Liz will focus on your individual health needs and devise a unique yoga routine for you aimed at improving your mobility, improving circulation and breathing and getting you feeling more comfortable in your own body.  You will see benefits in your overall sense of wellbeing, feel an improved sense of freedom of movement and give you the mental energy needed to get you feeling healthier!!

The class runs once there are 2 people booked in, although a 1:1 option is also available

When are the classes?  The 4 week classes are on Mondays at 7.00pm from beginning of April

How much do they cost?  The 4 week course costs £125. 

How do I book? You can book through the form below, or call/text Liz on 07975 752253

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