Benefits of Regular Yoga Practice

Yoga is great for flexibility and strength; it's accessible to everyone so you do not need to be a contortionist to come along and take part in a one-to-one or two-to-one session. You'll start feeling the benefits very quickly.

Working alongside our osteopaths we can, if we need to, devise a yoga programme for you that will develop your core strength and improve your posture.   The stretching achieved through yoga has been reported to reduce symptoms of chronic low back pain.  As well as building the strength and flexibility you need for a healthily functioning body, yoga has been seen to confer many other health benefits: it can reduce stress, lower your blood pressure and heart rate and improve  your immune system function.

One to One or Two to One Bookings

We offer one to one sessions or two to one sessions for anyone wishing for some really focused work, or for patients needing an introduction to yoga. Our yoga teacher, Liz, can even work together with our osteopaths to discuss any specific aims and objectives you may have before coming up with a complementary yoga plan. 

Liz will always focus on your individual health needs and devise a unique yoga routine for you aimed at improving your mobility, improving circulation and breathing and getting you feeling more comfortable in your own body.  You will see benefits in your overall sense of wellbeing, feel an improved sense of freedom of movement and give you the mental energy needed to get you feeling healthier!!

A 4 week course of 1:1 lessons costs £200

A 4 week course of 2:1 lessons costs £120 per participant.

Corporate Bookings

Our yoga teacher is also available for corporate events or regular workplace staff yoga classes - if you want your team to be happy, energised, fit and healthy at work, this is a perfect gift to them, and gift to you equating tangibly to better productivity, a more dedicated workforce and fewer sick days.

How do I book? You can book through the form below, or call/text Liz on 07975 752253

​If you are looking for a larger yoga class, unfortunately we do not have the room here, but Liz runs these classes in a larger studio at Setchell & Longfield Hall TRA off Dunton Road.